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Jata was a 23rd century Angiran man. He served his emperor as an elite Hounds soldier.


In the 23rd century, Vikram's grandfather awarded Jata a medallion for being the first man to scale the perimeter wall in the battle at Agra. His face had been gashed in that battle, leaving him with a long scar.

When the Hounds disbanded c. 2236, Jata returned to his life as a peasant. During poor times in the 2250s, Jata was forced to pawn the medallion for food, though Bibil accused him of having sold it for alcohol.

In 2266, Jata was one of six former members of the Hounds present in the Angiran palace during a coup d'état. He was uncertain whether to help Prince Vikram, but recognized the nobleman's sword, and came to regard him highly when Vikram wanted to save helpless people in the palace. Jata gave his life to help Vikram, Bibil, Hikaru Sulu, and Spock escape. (TOS novel: Shadow Lord)