Jay Nordyke was a male Human investigator in the 23rd century.


In the 2250s, Nordyke was a classmate of James T. Kirk when he was at the space academy.


Undergoing a psycho-probe

In 2266, Nordyke spent four days on Mila Xa before he was picked up by the USS Enterprise. His assignment was to explore the famous asteroid and determine whether there was any truth to rumors of ghost stories and disappearances at the mausoleum of Queen Saeena. During his debriefing, James T. Kirk and Doctor Krisp, senior scientist in charge of the mission, realized that Nordyke could not remember the fourth day of his investigation. With his permission, Krisp ran a psycho-probe, but Nordyke became hysterical when questioned about the missing day. Krisp felt his reaction could have been caused severe shock or brain tampering. Kirk, Krisp and four others beamed down to investigate, discovering zombie robots and projected ghostly images. (TOS comic: "The Haunted Asteroid")

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