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Keelah in the 2260s decade.

Keelah's father.

This unnamed species was a humanoid mammalian lifeform native to the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrant. They were notable for their ash-white skin and black face stripes. (TOS movie: Star Trek Beyond)

History and specifics[]


Infant Jaylah.

Members of this species appeared tall, long-limbed and willowy. (PIC novel: The Dark Veil)

They were otherwise of average humanoid height, between 1.60 and 2 meters. (TOS movie: Star Trek Beyond, (ST video game: Fleet Command)

Members of this species lacked eyebrows but had black eyelashes. Their hair grew long, smooth, and white. Keelah and her sister Jaylah had yellow eyes. (TOS movie: Star Trek Beyond, TOS - Issue 5 comic:)

The facial markings carried meaning in their culture. The black marks on an infant's face could be interpreted for cultural meaning. (TOS - Issue 5 comic:)

The facial markings were referred to as tattoos. (PIC novel: The Dark Veil)

History and culture[]

Jaylah's species was a nomadic culture. Its people exhibited a fierce intellect. (PIC novel: The Dark Veil)

In the 23rd century, members of this species would traverse space in ships crewed by a single family. (TOS - Issue 5 comic:)

By the 2380s decade, at least one nomad was affiliated with the Federation and served in Starfleet. By 2386, Lieutenant Commander Livnah had risen to the position of senior science officer aboard the Luna-class reconnaissance science vessel USS Titan. (PIC novel: The Dark Veil)

Kelvin timeline[]

Cadet Jaylah.

In the Kelvin timeline, one such family group became stranded on planet Altamid in the 2250s decade. Over time, the warlord Krall and his deputy Manas captured the survivors. Keelah and her father were killed. Her younger sister Jaylah survived and learned engineering and English from a crashed Freedom-class ship, the USS Franklin. (TOS - Issue 5 comic:)

In the year 2263, Jaylah teamed up with the crew of the destroyed Starfleet ship USS Enterprise. They returned the Franklin to flight, defeated Krall and his forces, and Jaylah was sponsored to enter Starfleet Academy. (TOS movie: Star Trek Beyond)

During time off from the Academy, Jaylah continued to organize an international defense against surviving Altamid drone ships, which she called bees. Cadet Jaylah was assimilated by the Borg. (ST video game: Fleet Command)

Known individuals[]

Five of Ten in 2263.


See also[]

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