Jayvin Vod was a joined Trill in the mid-23rd century, the sixth joining for the Vod symbiont. Jayvin Vod was married to Audrid Dax and had two children, a daughter Neema, and a son, Gran. He was a xenobiologist and head of that department at the Kem'alta Institute. He and Dax also co-wrote several papers on symbiont chemical anomalies.

In 2265, Vod and Dax joined a Starfleet expedition investigating faint life signs on a rogue comet entering the Trill system. The life sign, which resembled that of a symbiont, was instead a parasitic life form that attacked Vod, killed three Starfleet officers, and dissolved the joining bond between Jayvin and Vod. So grievous was the damage done to both host and symbiont that Audrid Dax advocated letting both die. (DS9 - The Lives of Dax short story: "Sins of the Mother")

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