Jeanne Vinueza was a youthful-looking human woman from Luna, born in the 2220s decade. Like many natives from Earth's moon, she was tall and long-limbed due to the low-gravity environment. She also posessed the extrasensory perception abilities of telepathy and empathy, but only enough to gauge surface emotions and thoughts.

She was married to Starfleet officer, Diego Reyes, but the marriage ended in a bitter divorce in 2259.

Vinueza was chief executive of a dilithium mining company before she began a new career as a civil government officer. In the year 2266, she became president of the New Boulder colony on Gamma Tauri IV.

She died not long after settling on Gamma Tauri IV, killed by Shedai Sentinels. (VAN novel: Reap the Whirlwind)

Vinueza was probably born in 2222 or 2223, as she was described by Diego Reyes as being nearly 45 in 2266.
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