Jebitok was the manager in charge of the Skellen III mining colony in the late 2280s decade until his death. He was a member of a reptilian humanoid species with turtle-like features.

History[edit | edit source]

In the year 2288, Jebitok presented charges of theft, sabotage, and terrorism against Domine Ravia's group, The Circle, to Starfleet. In response, Starfleet sent Adm. Karl Tomlinson to examine Jebitok's charges. Three weeks later, he showed and gave Capt. James T. Kirk and his first officer, Capt. Spock of the USS Enterprise-A visual evidence that The Circle was being covertly supplied by Klingons in unmarked ships.

Jebitok and his assistant manager, Maria Martinez, then told Kirk about the theft of the Nasgul's religious artifact, the Jaheelah. Seeing that the theft of the artifact made Ravia and her followers furious, Jebitok demanded that Kirk give him phasers to respond to the threat. Kirk refused, but Jebitok had one bright side in the problem at hand; he got Starfleet protection. He also told Kirk that he has more evidence of a Nasgul-Klingon connection at one of his abandoned mines. The next morning, Jebitok receieved a message presumably from one of his informants, asking him to meet him at the abandoned mine. However when he got there, he was killed. His body was then found by Capts. Kirk, Spock and Martinez. There was no clear evidence as to who killed him and how. (TOS - Revisitations comics: "Mission: Muddled", "The Sky Above...The Mudd Below", "Target: Mudd!")

Jebitok's species is not named but resembles the Alkamin and Chelon, he could be a member of either or of a similar testudoid species.
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