Jed was a male Tellarite in the 23rd century. He was also a lieutenant and pilot in the Federation Starfleet.


In 2285, Jed was assigned to the USS Excelsior under Admiral James T. Kirk. He was seen as a lousy nasty tempered Tellarite. He was part of Commander Thimon's survey team to explore an uncharted planet. However, after their landing, Jed and the rest of the landing party came under attack by the planet's natives. He was carried by Bodine and suffered insubordination from Ensign William Bearclaw. He also attended to Ensign Konom's wound. He was saved from the planet's natives by Bearclaw. However, he pressed charges against Bearclaw, but they were withdrawn when Thimon turned down his commendation on Bearclaw. (TOS comic: "The Trouble with Bearclaw")

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