The Jem'Hadar strike cruiser was a class of small Dominion light attack warships used in the 24th century. They were registered as class 2 vessels and measured at 245 meters in length. (DS9 video game: Dominion Wars)

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The development of this class of warship came during the Dominion War when the wormhole was blockaded by the Federation which made the terrifying ramming tactics employed by the Jem'Hadar fighters wasteful in terms of resources. Despite the effect that ramming enemy ships dominated starship combat and did a great deal of damage in morale to the enemy, Dominion engineers began the process of developing a better more versatile attack ship. This came in the form of the light strike cruiser which could attack enemy ships one-on-one as well as secure and hold positions for reinforcements. They also carried a larger complement of feared Jem'Hadar warriors that would be used to capture targets from the size of a medium cruiser to a small outpost.

The strike cruiser filled a vital gap between the attack fighter class and the feared battle cruiser class. This allowed the Dominion to essentially field a warship that would minimize losses and reduce pressure on the Ketracel White reserves left. The strike cruiser was built with new epilimate-serrated armor which provided it with improved resistance to enemy weapon fire. This allowed the strike cruiser to function in the role of fleet defender and tactical interceptor thanks to the durability provided by the armor material.

To further improve its ability to strike enemy positions as well as defend key Dominion facilities, this class of vessels were equipped with a burst impulse mode allowing it brief bursts of speed giving it a tactical advantage when attacking several enemies. Another final development on this craft was a long range anti-cloak device allowing the ship to detect Klingon or Romulan vessels.

They were armed with 1 JH torpedo and 5 Phased polaron beams. (DS9 video game: Dominion Wars)

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