The Jem'hadar Super Carrier was a class of large Dominion warships used in the 24th century in their war against the Alpha Quadrant and Beta Quadrant powers.

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During the Dominion War, the offensive through the submission of neighbouring territory was costly in terms of starships and Jem'Hadar which brought a tremendous drain on the Dominion's resources. Particularly, the use of ramming tactics, though effective, was no longer cost effective in the war and were gradually taking their toll. Furthermore, the Federation and Klingons had developed the tactic of deep striking Dominion territory to destroy Ketracel White depots which would near cripple the Dominion had an effective solution not been developed. Considering the need of a large transport that could be used in planetary assault and a ship that could develop the White, the Dominion conceived of the mobile attack carrier design. These super carriers would provide fresh necessary support and supplies to the Jem'Hadar when engaging in their own attacks; deep in enemy territory.

These super carriers were armed with 2 JH torpedos, 6 phased polaron beams and 1 large polaron beam.

They measured at 900 meters in length. (DS9 video game: Dominion Wars)



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