Jena Noi was a dark-skinned (with a hint of green), dark-haired, golden-eyed humanoid woman of mixed species ancestry from the mid-31st century, circa 3050. Several of the species to which her respective ancestors belonged were unknown to the Federation in the late 24th century, though her ears were described as resembling those of the Ocampa.

Noi was a Federation Temporal Agent and often recruited Federation Department of Temporal Investigations agent Gariff Lucsly for missions in the late 24th century. Throughout their interactions, an attraction between herself and Lucsly was hinted at, culminating in a passionate kiss between the two.

She had a strong dislike for Commander Juel Ducane, a Starfleet officer from the 29th century and the first officer of the timeship Relativity, which appeared to be mutual. (DTI novel: Watching the Clock)

In May 2384, Noi teamed up with Lucsly and Marion Dulmur to investigate a future artifact, which led to a trip uptime to an alternate timeline version of 3051 London and then further uptime to the year 21,436,000. While in the alternate 3051, Noi met her counterpart, Assistant Supervisor Jena Noi of the Temporal Intervention Agency. (DTI novel: The Collectors)

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