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Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Wagner was a female Human, an officer aboard the USS Enterprise in 2268.


Wagner was part of a mission to Rudimon, a planet ravaged by decades of war and now beginning a fledgling peace. The Enterprise began a program to rebuild the Rudimonian’s infrastructure to inspire the peace to continue. After completing an initial survey, large numbers of the crew including Wagner were located in the most populated city on Rudimon for training medical specialists, improving educational techniques, and upgrading the city’s power plant. Suddenly a crude, outdated nuclear engine beneath the city blew up, killing or injuring 120 members of the crew. Wagner was one of 63 who were killed.

Others killed in the blast included Matthew Alford, Jason Alnas, Charles Babb, Alexandra Boring, Brizzi, Seth Cable, Jonathan Chen, Dashiell, Devico, Jake Forbes, Frood, Phillip Hansen, Elizabeth Hurchalla, Anna Kernbaum, Kimie Ang Hae Kim, Theodore Kim, Steven Kleckner, Ghen Laraya, Christian Lownds, Raymond Makowski, Rhona Medina, Jennifer Miller, Tomas Montalvo-Lagos, Matthew Nikon, Orgill, Jill Park, William Parkinson, Alan Payne, Pineda, Kyle Plummer, Joshua Pool, Zachary Rau, Reisman, Lisa Richards, Gary Shum, Hollace Smith, Timoth Snead, Aaron Sparrow, Erin Stein, Julia Taylor, Candice Uyloan, Willis, and Weiya Xiao. Labar Tique was later shot and killed by a sniper while paying respects to the body of Governor Laisu. (TOS - Star Trek: The Manga - Uchu comic: "The Humanitarian")




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