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Ensign Jenny de Luz was a 24th century Human woman, a Starfleet security officer and native of Meramar who served on the USS Enterprise-D in the 2360s decade.


She was born circa 2339. She was tall and lean with a pale complexion and bright red hair. The only keepsake she brought from Meramar was a painting called Servado's Agony.

In 2364, Worf recommended her for an away mission to the USS Centurion and later to supervise all planetary security on Tenara. While on Tenera, de Luz became close to Gaius Aldus, a Magna Roman from the Centurion. De Luz soon decided that she wanted to transfer to the Centurion, but she had a conversation with Deanna Troi and decided to stay on the Enterprise.

Eventually, Aldus was murdered by Lucius Sejanus, who claimed that Aldus had committed suicide because of a family scandal. De Luz knew that Aldus had no family and thus arrested Sejanus for murdering Aldus. Later, Sejanus escaped from the Enterprise's brig and de Luz asked Worf to join her search for Sejanus, but he turned her down. (TNG novel: The Captains' Honor)

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