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Jeremy Aster was a human male born in 2354 to Marla Aster and her husband. Jeremy would spend the first few years of his life on Earth, living in a home with his parents and a pet cat named Patches.

Jeremy's father died of a Rushton infection in 2361. After the death of her husband, Marla Aster joined Starfleet as a Lieutenant, and was assigned as an archaeologist on board the USS Enterprise-D. Jeremy accompanied her on board the Enterprise, and was living on the ship with his mother when she was killed by a Koinonian bomb in 2366.

The remaining Koinonians tried to assist Jeremy by creating a replica of his mother to raise him, however the Enterprise crew convinced the Koinonians not to proceed, and allow him to grieve the loss of his mother. As part of the healing process, Jeremy vented his anger at Lieutenant Worf, who had commanded the away team that Marla Aster was part of when she died. Afterwards, Worf invited the young human to become his brother and join his House in the R'uustai ritual. Jeremy soon departed the Enterprise to live with family on Earth. (TNG episode: "The Bonding")

As of 2367, Jeremy was living with his Aunt Megan in the city of Fergus Falls. Aunt Megan was willing to take Jeremy to San Francisco to see Starfleet Academy over the summer. Jeremy had developed a romantic interest in a local girl named Emily and didn't know if the San Francisco trip would prevent him from developing a further relationship with Emily. Aster kept in regular contact with Worf, and asked him for advice on dealing with a romantic rival. Worf urged him to "stay... and fight." (TNG comic: "The Lesson")

As an adult, Aster pursued a career in archaeology, and by 2375 was working toward his doctorate at the Rector Institute. That year, he was also involved in a romantic relationship with a woman called Marra. By the end of that year, however, their relationship had ended. (TNG novel: Diplomatic Implausibility)

Jeremy would later assist Worf and Alexander Rozhenko in the Genesis Sector, helping to keep the Moss Creatures from unleashing a new Genesis Wave on the galaxy. During this time, Jeremy joined the House of Martok. (TNG novel: Genesis Force)

Aster also became close with Worf's adoptive parents, Sergey and Helena Rozhenko, and regularly dined at their home. (TNG novel: Diplomatic Implausibility)

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