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Jeremy Grayson was a male Human in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, who became a famous and respected peace advocate. He was an ancestor of Amanda Grayson and her son, Spock of Vulcan.

Grayson began to work with refugees in 1985, often taking needy individuals into his own home, no questions asked. He continued to do so through the Eugenics Wars, and in defiance of the law. He was arrested and imprisoned for an extended period, during which he was subjected to physical torture and drugged. Both legs were crushed during this time, and despite subsequent surgeries to repair them, one leg ended up shorter than the other, and he had to use a walking cane for the rest of his life. He was later hailed as a hero for his actions and sacrifices during the war.

Grayson was one of the founding members of the United Earth Movement, which advocated the creation of a single United Earth government. He was also a professor emeritus at the University of Pacifist Studies in Vancouver, Canada, from where one of his students would go on to head the Peace Institute in Stockholm.

Grayson married to Dora Grayson in 2002, and with her had at least two children. They remained married until Dora's death in 2044. Grayson considered himself an "honorary Jew" by virtue of his marriage to Dora, and continued to follow Jewish tradition following her death.

Grayson retired sometime in the early 21st century and settled in Boston. In October 2045, he suffered a stroke and cardiac arrest, just as he was preparing to travel to Antarctica to intervene on behalf of a pair of stranded extraterrestrials. He died peacefully in his sleep several days later. (TOS novel: Strangers from the Sky)

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