Jerry Dubois was a 23rd century Human man. He was an engineer who served in Starfleet aboard the Federation starship USS Enterprise and reported to Commander Montgomery Scott in the late 2260s.


In 2269 or 2270, Dubois was assigned to engineering, and after six months he had earned increasing praise from Scott.

He was in a relationship with technician Lissa Hart.

In 2270, when the ship crashed into an inter-dimensional contact point with another universe, breaching the hull in engineering, Dubois discovered that a critical power coupling was lost on the other side, without which the ship would soon be destroyed. A waldo robot probe could not be operated effectively in the other universe, but when McCoy described that there was an oxygen atmosphere and solid surface inside, Dubois volunteered to retrieve the coupling. Since he could immediately recognize it, and Scott could reinstall it faster than he could, Captain James T. Kirk agreed to let him try. Using a harness and safety line, Dubois walked carefully across the void. In less than a minute, however, he was unable to cope with what he perceived in the other universe, and it destroyed his mind. He was retrieved and brought to sickbay, but McCoy didn't think he could recover from the experience. (TOS - The New Voyages short story: "Intersection Point")



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