Jesha was a male homesteader on Nimbus III who lived in the 23rd century. He was armed with a pipe gun and a knife.

Jesha led a band of thieves who attempted to eek out a living on the drought affected planet of Nimbus III. Whey Sybok was recruiting members for the Galactic Army of Light, Jesha agreed to talk with him. Sybok freed Jesha of his pain and Jesha vowed that his group would assist Sybok's cause. All of the members of his band were eventually freed by Sybok other than Arreed, however Arreed willing followed the group as he was more worried about being fed.

In September 2287 Jesha and the other members of the Galactic Army of Light assaulted Paradise City. The city quickly fell and the hostages taken. A series of demands were sent to the Federation who sent the USS Enterprise-A in response. Word about the starship arrival caused the members to celebrate. Jesha's group had been one of three patrols tasked in protecting the captured city. Instead, Jesha had liberated several bottles of alcohol from the Paradise saloon and they started drinking around a campfire. They did not notice the landing of the shuttle Galileo. Under the influence of the alcohol, the group was easily captured by the Starfleet security team and Commander Nyota Uhura performing a fan dance. (TOS movie, novelization & comic adaptation: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier)

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