A crucifix depicting the crucifixion of the human religious leader Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ was a first century human religious figure, considered by many as a divine being - the son of God and a Human. Other humans did not consider him a divine being, but rather considered him either a fictional character or a prophet. The teachings of Christ - teachings of total love and brotherhood - would become the foundation of the Christian religion on Earth.

In 1746, Seamus MacIntyre invoked Christ in a prayer while escaping from English forces on horseback with the time-lost Montgomery Scott. (TOS novel: Home Is the Hunter)

While Captain Benjamin Sisko was experiencing visions sent to him by the Prophets, the image of Douglas Pabst once took Christ's name in vain while expressing his opinion of Benny Russell's story about a black captain of a space station. (DS9 episode: "Far Beyond the Stars")

At Christmas of 1953, Russell thought it was ironic that the African-American Christians worshipped a white Jesus. Russell also felt that none of them questioned, or at least rarely did, why God sent Jesus "to the land of their oppressors". (DS9 novelization: Far Beyond the Stars)

On the planet 892-IV, on which the Roman Empire never fell, the teachings of the "Son" began to spread during their 20th century. Initially, when the crew of the USS Enterprise visited the planet in 2267, they at first thought the natives of 892-IV were worshiping their sun, which was thought to be illogical given their stage of development. However Lt. Uhura revealed that it was not the sun in the sky being worshiped, but rather the Son of God. Kirk realized that the planet would have both Caesar and Christ. (TOS episode: "Bread and Circuses")

The 'corpse' of Kirk's Starfleet Academy roommate, Thomas Clayton, believed he was Jesus Christ when under control of the 'god' Ay-nab. (TOS novel: The Starless World)

Jesus Christ was the most notable person in history to have been executed by crucifixion - the Romans executed him in this manner by nailing him to a wooden beam attached to another beam that was anchored into the ground. In the centuries following his crucifixion the cross would become the symbol of Christianity. Some adherents of Christianity, such as Roman Catholics, would often display a crucifix - a cross with a physical representation of the corpus, or body of Christ, attached. In the Leonardo da Vinci holodeck program that Captain Janeway had been particpating in, there was a crucifix on one of the walls of da Vinci's workshop. (VOY episode: "The Omega Directive")

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