Hong Kong

Jet aircraft in Hong Kong in 1996.

Jet aircraft, also known as jets, were a type of aircraft propelled by jet engines.


On Earth, Chuck Yeager was a test pilot for the first experimental jet-powered aircraft in 1947. (ST website:

In 2152, jets were used by the pre-warp civilization of Gosis' species on their homeworld. (ENT episode: "The Communicator")

In 2266, Uhura noted that the natives of Kujal had achieved jet propulsion. (TOS comic: "Dwarf Planet")

Around 2374 jet aircraft were fielded by the Kradin in a planetary conflict. (VOY episode: "Nemesis")

Alternate timelinesEdit

In the Kelvin timeline, Augment jet aircraft passed over Hong Kong during the Eugenics Wars in 1996. (TOS - Khan comic: "Issue 3")

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