Jevalan is a Class M planet located in the Doltiri star system. The planet is within the territory of the Cardassian Union.

During the Cardassian Occupation the Cardassians maintained several forced labor camps on the surface of the planet, including the Olanda labor camp, which they imprisoned Bajorans and their families.

In the year 2369 following an attack on the Olanda labor camp, Ishan Anjar and Baras Rodirya were captured on the Jevalan. Following his capture Ishan was interrogated by Gil Rakan Urkar. Baras was actually a collaborator working for Gul Pavok. Ishan was then executed. Once he was dead Gil Urkar swapped the identities of the two men - the public was informed that Baras had died and it was Ishan who escaped with his life. The information given up by Baras was used to lay waste to much of the Bajoran population in the labor camps. Baras watched the destruction with two others—he then killed those other witnesses to maintain his new identity.

The Cardassian military soon evacuated the planet, leaving equipment, former prisoners, and even some of their own people behind. Several Federation starships soon arrived to assist the Bajorans and Cardassians left behind on the planet, including USS Enterprise.

Following the Dominion War the Cardassians and Bajorans established a joint venture to recover the remains of the Bajorans killed by the Cardassians at Jevalan, as well as to document the full scale of the atrocities committed by the Cardassians on Jelavan, and determine the type and placement of monuments. It was intended that following the recovery of the remains that the labor camps would be opened to visitors so that they could see the horror of the camps for themselves.

During this effort a Bajoran doctor named Raal Mosara found a set of bones, and soon discovered that they were the remains of Ishan Anjar. Before disappearing Raal shared his findings with his Cardassian friend Doctor Ilona Daret. Daret called his friend Beverly Crusher, who arrived on Jevalan in October 2385. Under the guise of accepting an assignment on Deep Space 9 (II), she traveled to Jevalan to meet Daret. Despite the destruction of most of Ishan's remains, and the attempts of special operations forces to prevent the truth from coming to light, Crusher and Thomas Riker were able bring the evidence back to the USS Enterprise. The information was sent to the Attorney General of the United Federation of Planets, who then arrested Baras Rodirya in front of the Federation Council. (ST - The Fall novel: Peaceable Kingdoms)

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