Jibim Kiba Siber was a male Jibetian serving as the Supreme Ruler of the Jibetian Confederacy at the time of Earth's 16th century. Siber succeeded his father in the position after his father's death.

Biography[edit | edit source]

During the Jibetian Revolution, Siber was convinced to flee the planet Jibet by his friend and aide Bikon. To that end, Siber was placed in cryogenic sleep aboard the starship Nibix, which was to take him and several followers to New Jibet. However, Siber was betrayed by Bikon, secretly the leader of the revolution against him, and the Nibix never reached its destination.

The Nibix was discovered in the year 2371 by Commander Benjamin Sisko and the crew of the Federation Starfleet starship USS Defiant. Siber was then revived by Doctor Julian Bashir. (DS9 novel: The Long Night)

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