Captain Jill Leeden was the commanding officer of the USS Juno in 2378.

Leeden was a respected Starfleet officer who by 2377 was in command of the Juno. In that year, Leeden and the Juno were assigned to retrieve the bodies from the various wreckages inside the Rashanar Battle Site. She considered it to be a somber, honorable duty.

However, shortly after arrival in the area, their rescue efforts were constantly hampered by having to defend the derelics from privateers from all over the Alpha Quadrant. Being the only starship assigned to the region, she started to view the site as her area, but she soon started to believe that the area was haunted, and the crew started naming the site the "boneyard".

When the USS Enterprise-E arrived to assist the Juno in 2378, Leeden couldn't believe that Captain Picard wanted to study the region, while Leeden just wanted to collect the bodies and leave the area behind. Shortly after, Leeden unfortunately perished along with the crew of the Juno, after being destroyed by the Ontailians in retaliation for the supposed destruction of an Ontailian ship by the Enterprise. (TNG - A Time to... novel: A Time to Be Born)

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