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Jinoteur was a main sequence F class star located in the Taurus Reach in Federation space, the primary star of its own system, orbited by five planets and their thirteen moons. The entire system was created by the Shedai approximately half a million years prior to the 23rd century.

The orbits of its planets and moons were extremely unusual as none of the planets were on the same orbital plane. The first and fifth were nearly perpendicular, the second and third were at equal, complementary angles off the ecliptic, and the fourth was almost level with Jinoteur's equator.

The first three planets had two moons each, Jinoteur IV had three, and the gas giant fifth planet had four moons. None of the moons passed between their host planets and their star as they followed orbital paths perpendicular to their planets, and the same side of every moon always faced away from the centre of the system.

In 2266, the Shedai Apostate removed the entire system from normal space-time and into its own pocket universe. (VAN novel: Reap the Whirlwind)




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