Artists conception of Jiterica in her containment suit.

Ensign Jiterica was the first member of the Nizhrak'a species to join Starfleet. She served as a junior science officer on the USS Stargazer, under Captain Jean-Luc Picard, in the year 2333.

The Nizhrak'a were a low density species native to the gas giant Nizhara. In their natural state, Nizhrak'a are essentially living gas clouds.

Jiterica, who hoped that her membership in Starfleet would eventually lead to her people joining the Federation, was forced to spend her duty hours in an uncomfortable containment suit. The suit, which simulated human form and voice, enabled Jiterica to interact with the other members of the Stargazer's crew. (STA novel: Gauntlet)

JIterica engaged in a not-quite romantic relationship with human Ensign Cole Paris after he accidentally walked into her- literally; she had temporarily left her containment suit while inside her quarters and felt an incredible feeling while inside her. He acknowledged from the beginning that such a relationship wouldn't be easy, but was interested in at least trying to make it work. (STA novel: Maker)

Paris becomes jealous of the attention given to Jiterica by Stave, a powerful Magnian visitor, but after Stave's departure they renew their friendship. (STA novel: Maker)

(:Special thanks to Michael Schuster, who provided the drawing and maintains an informative and detailed Stargazer website. Michael is also co-author of the SCE eBook, The Future Begins.)

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