Doctor Josephine "Jo" Stern was a female Human, born in 2285. As of 2336, she was chief medical officer of the USS Enterprise-C, serving under her close friend, Captain Rachel Garrett. (TLE novel: Well of Souls)

On stardate 16883.1, Stern was part of the first contact team to meet the Zaldan people, along with Commander Samir al-Halak and Lieutenant Commander Darya Bat-Levi. Given the Zaldans' preference for unadorned honesty, Stern ended up taking the lead in these initial talks. (ST novel: A Singular Destiny)

Sometime prior to the Enterprise's destruction in 2344, Stern accepted an offer from Dr. Leonard McCoy to transfer to Starfleet Medical Headquarters in San Francisco to head the Forensics Division. She also taught classes at Starfleet Medical Academy in the 2360s; among her students was Cadet Elizabeth Lense.

As of 2377, Admiral Stern assumed an investigative role into the death of Lense's mother, Jennifer Almieri. (COE eBook: Ghost)

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