Lieutenant Joanna Faur was a 24th century Human woman serving in the Federation Starfleet as a conn officer in the 2380s decade.


Faur served as a flight controller the Federation starship USS Enterprise-E in the year 2380. (TNG novel: Q & A)

Faur continued to serve into 2381, and was still aboard during the Borg Invasion of 2381. After the discovery of several subspace tunnels within the Azure Nebula, Faur was at the helm when the Enterprise began to explore the tunnels, leading them into a shrouded galaxy and the Carina Arm, where they were attacked by a fleet of Hirogen vessels. Faur was stunned during the engagement by an electrical surge and had to be taken to sickbay; Gary Weinrib piloted the ship in her absence. (ST - Destiny novel: Mere Mortals)

By January 2384, Faur was the senior flight controller aboard the Enterprise. She pointed out the risks of Glinn Ravel Dygan's plan to conceal the Enterprise in the upper atmosphere of the fifth planet in star system FGC-38919, a class J gas giant. She reminded Captain Jean-Luc Picard of what happened to the USS da Vinci during the mission to salvage the USS Orion at Galvan VI. (TNG - Cold Equations novel: The Persistence of Memory)

A little later the same year, Faur was at the helm when the Enterprise travelled to Tirana III and Orion. (TNG - Cold Equations novel: Silent Weapons)

In July of 2384, Faur monitored the Enterprise's flight status from an auxiliary bridge console while the Traveler Wesley Crusher took the ship to Abbadon. Later, she remote-piloted the shuttlecraft Iacovino to the Machine on a reconnaissance mission, and shortly afterwards helmed the Enterprise to the Machine, too. When all bridge functions were knocked offline, she relocated to auxiliary control with Picard, first officer Commander Worf, Dygan and Lieutenant Aneta Šmrhová. (TNG - Cold Equations novel: The Body Electric)

In October 2384, Faur was at the helm when the Enterprise assisted the USS Newton at the Nexus, and when it was attacked by Kinshaya liberators. (TNG eBook: The Stuff of Dreams)

In November 2385, Lieutenant Faur's piloting skills were put to the test when the Enterprise pursued the USS Aventine after it had been commandeered by the Cytherian-controlled Admiral William T. Riker. (TNG novel: Takedown)

In January 2386, Faur helmed the Enterprise during the altercation with the Raqilan vessel Poklori gil dara. (TNG novel: Armageddon's Arrow) Later that year, she served as acting first officer while Worf was off the ship during the Enterprise's first contact with the Nejamri. TNG novel: Available Light




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