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Joanna Robarge was a 23rd century human female who had been a resident of Tarsus IV.

In the aftermath of the murder of 4,000 colonists by then Governor Adrian Kodos and his followers, her boyfriend Alexander Simmons - the former head of colonial security - hid at her residence for several days. This was to avoid people loyal to Kodos looking to kill him, and to avoid the Starfleet teams hunting for Kodos and anyone who followed him.

Simmons told Robarge very little about his actions, trying to leave her out of the situation as much as possible. When a Starfleet team led by Lieutenant Commander Gabriel Lorca arrived at her residence, Simmons told Robarge that they were protesters looking to harm them both. Robarge fired on them with a phaser set to stun. The Starfleet personnel returned fire and knocked her out. Both Robarge and Simmons were then taken in to custody.

In order to avoid a lengthy prison sentence for firing upon Starfleet personnel, Robarge cooperated fully with Starfleet and the colonial government.

After the crisis was over Robarge continued her relationship with Simmons, apparently escaping any serious repercussions for her acts on Tarsus IV. By the mid 2250s she had returned to Earth in order to be near Simmons as he served his sentence at the New Zealand Penal Settlement. Determined to do penance for his crimes, Simmons insisted on serving every second of his twenty year sentence. Robarge regularly visited Simmons at the settlement, and accompanied him when he received furloughs from the settlement. (DSC novel: Drastic Measures)

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