Jobo and Barbara McCoy

Jobo was the name of a Rykunian octopus, a cephalopod lifeform.

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Jobo resided in the xenobiology department at Urey University and was cared for by Doctor Barbara McCoy. At feeding time, while excited, it became playful. But it produced a bone-chilling sound.

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In 2266, Leonard McCoy invited James T. Kirk to accompany him to visit his daughter, an assistant professor at Urey University. While McCoy got directions, Kirk heard a scream and rushed to help. He saw a woman suspended upside down by a tentacle above the mouth of a giant octopus, and drew his phaser. But the woman demanded he stop, and as she pulled herself clear, she explained that Jobo was always excited at meal times. As she fed it, it repeated that screaming sound. McCoy arrived, observing that they had met without him. Kirk realized with surprise that the woman must be Barbara McCoy. (TOS comic: "Furlough to Fury")

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