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Joe 90: Top Secret was a 20-page weekly British comic strip anthology magazine. This publication launched the Star Trek: The Original Series UK comic strips series in 1969, serializing the first seven weekly story arcs within its pages.

These stories were written by Angus Allan, drawn by Harry Lindfield, and printed two pages per issue on the center spread. Lindfield also illustrated the series' four Star Trek covers, for issues #27-30. The Joe 90: Top Secret Annual contained the first UK annual comic strip story, drawn by Ron Turner.

Additional comic strips in the magazine were based on the Gerry Anderson TV series Joe 90 and the Irwin Allen TV series Land of the Giants. It was published by City Magazines in cooperation with Century 21 Publications. It was a 10.75" x 13" tabloid sized publication.

After 34 issues, City Magazines merged Joe 90: Top Secret with its sister publication TV21 and Tornado, relaunching them as TV21 & Joe 90 in September 1969. The Star Trek strip continued to be published in the new anthology.


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