Jofirek was an Agaron male who eventually rose to the leadership of an organized criminal syndicate.

In 2122 the Agaron leaders requested assistance from their allies in the Confederacy of Vulcan in rooting out the crime syndicates active on their world. Jofierek's syndicate was one of those targeted, and he was forced to flee Agaron.

Over the next 40 years Jofirek worked to reestablish his syndicate, but he continued to struggle for relevancy as an interstellar crime lord. In 2163 his organization was still quite small; connected to smuggling and narcotics in four to six star systems across two sectors. In 2163, he and the Mazarite Eldi Zankor each joined a criminal alliance initiated by the Orion Syndicate's Three Sisters. (ENT episode: "The Seventh", ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Tower of Babel)

Jofirek was present in a medical clinic run by the Orion Doctor Honar-Des when D'Nesh was being seen for a slight hormonal imbalance. As a result he learned about the existence of hormonal supplements that elite Orion women took to maintain their production of pheromones.

Realizing that the Human smuggler Charlemagne Hua also was interested in marketing Orion hormones to other species, Jofirek worked with the man to break into Honar-Des's clinic and stole some hormonal supplements. Hua was then able to reverse engineer the supplements, and synthesize a drug with Orion hormones to sell to other species - a drug that would come to be known as the Venus Drug.

The Orion elite Maras was able to obtain a record of Jofirek's dealings with Charlemagne Hua, as well as the contacts and other data that would allow the Three Sisters to take control of Jofirek's syndicate. She put the data into a crystal which she then gave to Devna. Maras then killed Jofirek in his bedroom, and instructed Devna to give the crystal to D'Nesh and tell the Sister that she had discovered the crystal. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Tower of Babel)

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