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Doctor Johanna Metzger was a member of Earth Starfleet in the 22nd century. She was born in Switzerland. Johanna was married, and had at least two children, Franka and Jörn.


By 2155, Metzger had attained the rank of Lieutenant and served as chief medical officer aboard the Columbia.

Following an attack by the Romulans, the Columbia used its impulse engines to make a dangerous journey to reach the nearest class M planet. As the blueshifts during travel were hazardous to organic matter, Metzger was ordered to start the crew on anti-radiation medication.

Metzger was part of the landing party to the planet Erigol that made first contact with the Caeliar race. After efforts by other members of the team to use the Caeliar's technology to return the Columbia to its original time went wrong, the city of Axion was relocated in time to the year 1519. (ST - Destiny novel: Gods of Night)

After being informed that there was no way to return to their own time, crewmate Sidra Valerian slowly became mentally unstable, requiring constant care from Metzger. Metzger became increasingly bitter about living in captivity and blamed Captain Hernandez for their situation, holding this grudge against her former commanding officer. Eventually Valerian's post traumatic stress disorder caused her to go completely mute, but she found some solace in a holographic recreation of a warm sunny beach. Despite her patient's improved condition within the holochamber, Metzger found the entire offer distasteful and refused it personally. However, she found some solitude and solace by climbing one of the extremely tall towers in the city of Axion where she could view the stars unencumbered in an area she termed the "outer darkness".

Eventually, due to old age, Johanna lost her sight and was forced to completely rely on Valerian for their daily travels. She eventually shed her emotional constraints, making peace with her grief and sorrows. One day in 1573, relying on her memory, she climbed to the top of the tower once more and jumped from its heights, committing suicide. (ST - Destiny novel: Mere Mortals)



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