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John Farrell was a 23rd century Human male. In the 2260s decade, Farrell was serving in Starfleet as a command division lieutenant, assigned to the USS Enterprise under Captain James T. Kirk. Although primarily assigned as one of twenty navigators aboard the Enterprise in Kirk's first year in command, Farrell was cross-trained to operate various bridge stations, including communications and sciences. (TOS - Who's Who in Star Trek comic: "Issue 1")


USS Enterprise

The first year

In the year 2264, on stardate 1305.4, Farrell was stationed at navigation just before the Enterprise approached the planet Kapeshet. He was relieved of his post by Lieutenant Commander Gary Mitchell. (TOS novel: Strangers from the Sky)

In the following year, just after stardate 1313.8, Farrell was one of several specialists that were assigned to remain on bridge duty, manning communications while the majority of the crew attended Lieutenant Lee Kelso's memorial service in the ship's chapel. (TOS - My Brother's Keeper novel: Constitution)


In early 2266, Farrell was one of the first Enterprise crew members to encounter three beautiful women brought aboard the ship by Harry Mudd, and became one of the first to fall under the charms of the women. Farrell later recalled that "[seeing them] was like doing an hours exercise in a few seconds: the heat, the shortness of breath, it was really something...". One of the women, Magda Kovacs, was able to use Farrell's attraction to obtain a communicator from him so that Mudd could contain a group of lithium miner's on planet Rigel XII and negotiate a deal that would see him gain his freedom in exchange for the Enterprise's much-needed lithium crystals. (TOS episode: "Mudd's Women"; TOS - Who's Who in Star Trek comic: "Issue 1")

Farrell meets with Captain Kirk.

Shortly after, on stardate 1672.1, Farrell was operating the navigation station when a bestial transporter duplicate of Captain Kirk attempted to take command of the Enterprise and abandon Lieutenant Sulu and a landing party on the freezing planet Alfa 177. When the other version of Kirk arrived on the bridge, Farrell was confused over which one of them was actually the captain, but Commander Spock made it clear that the one in command was not to be trusted. (TOS episode: "The Enemy Within") Following the two Kirks successful reintegration, Kirk met with Farrell and explained the incident to him, informing him that he was one of a few officers who were aware. (TOS - Who's Who in Star Trek comic: "Issue 1")

During the Enterprise's visit to Miri's homeworld on stardate 2713.5, Farrell occupied the communications station on the bridge, and liaised with Doctor Leonard McCoy, Spock, and the computer as they tried to find a vaccine for the artificial disease which had struck the landing party. (TOS episode & Star Trek 1 novelization: Miri; TOS - Who's Who in Star Trek comic: "Issue 1")


In March 2267, Farrell attended a briefing alongside the senior staff as the Enterprise docked at Starbase 56. The briefing was to discuss a refit of the Enterprise and a discussion of Admiral Herbert Solow's orders for the starship to proceed to System 7348 in advance of Klingon warships. (TOS - Errand of Fury novel: Seeds of Rage)

Shortly after, during the Enterprise's visit to Pyris VII on stardate 3018.2, Farrell manned the science station while Captain Kirk and Spock visited sickbay to learn the cause of Lieutenant Jackson's death. (TOS - Star Trek 8 novelization: Catspaw)

On stardate 3290.9, Farrell was stationed at the helm working alongside Kevin Riley at navigation during the Enterprise's return to the planet Mestiko. The two remained at their posts when the Enterprise engaged the Klingon battle cruiser, IKS Klothos, under the command of Commander Kor. (TOS - Mere Anarchy novella: The Centre Cannot Hold)


In early 2268, on stardate 4757.2, Farrell was the duty navigator on the bridge when the Enterprise struck a spatial distortion field en route to Mu Arigulon. After striking a large distortion, most of the bridge consoles exploded after an energy surge was created. Farrell was among the many bridge crew injured and had to be helped to sickbay by Lieutenant Esteban Rodriguez and Ensign Ali Harper. (TOS novel: A Choice of Catastrophes)

Later career

Sometime after the Enterprise's mission to Miri's homeworld, Farrell learned that a position as an instructor in starship navigation had opened up at Starfleet Academy. Deciding that service aboard a starship had "become too hectic for me", he decided to apply for the post and was successful in his application. Farrell remained in his post well into the 2280s decade, where he was interviewed about his Starfleet career and service aboard the Enterprise. (TOS - Who's Who in Star Trek comic: "Issue 1")





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