John Stone was a male Human, the Captain of the USS Cortez in the 2250s.

In 2254 the Cortez was assigned to a surveying mission of system containing the planetoid Darien 224. On the planetoid they discovered a lost colony of Vulcans. Stone took a shuttle to the planetoid, which was damaged and crash landed. Above a faction of the Vulcans led by Tagok boarded and captured the Cortez, killing the crew. Stone was made a guest of the Vulcan colony.

Eight weeks later the USS Enterprise was sent to investigate the Cortez's disappearance, a landing party from the ship was also made welcome by the Vulcans and Stone briefed them on what he had learnt in his time there. Stone and the landing party were later retrieved by the Enterprise. (EV comic: Cloak and Dagger)

The Enterprise stopped at Deep Space Station K-12 following the Darien mission to make repairs, Stone presumably disembarked there for reassignment.
Although Stone wore a 2250s-era uniform, personnel in the Early Voyages series wore the more detailed sleeve stripe rank insignia used in the 2260s, a decision that was made for clarity's sake by series creators.
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