Joltair was a Romulan Ambassador in the 2260s of the Kelvin timeline.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Joltair devoted himself to the service of Romulan Star Empire from a young age, receiving commendation for his distinguished service. He eventually wed and had a daughter, Pilok, who followed in his footsteps. (TOS - Boldly Go comic: "Issue 8")

In 2263 , Joltair represented Romulus at the Babel Conference, with his daughter and Valas serving as his aides. Though having long been opposed to any form of peace between the Empire and the Federation, Joltair was willing to work for the goal in light of the Borg threat. Unfortunately, he was targeted by the Tellarite ambassador Kintro and given a slow acting poison, collapsing dead in the middle of his speech. His body was subsequently placed in cryogenic storage where Cadet T'Laan mind melded with him, allowing her to discover how Joltair had perished and to salvage the peace summit. (TOS - Boldly Go comics: "Issue 7", "Issue 8")

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