Jonas Voight was a human man in the late 24th century who worked as an officer with the Federation Security Agency.

In 2386, Voight was stationed at the FSA Detention Facility in San Francisco, California when a number of high ranking Section 31 officers and agents were held at the facility.

During the interrogation of Admiral William Ross by Attorney General Phillipa Louvois, Voight was stationed inside the conference room. It was then that fellow officer Margo Dempsey, who had been assigned to stand guard outside the room decided to take revenge for the death of her husband Clark at the hands of Uraei.

Bursting in to the room, Dempsey managed to kill both Ross and his attorney Captain Rebecca Steeby and nearly killed Louvois before Voight stunned her with his phaser. Voight then wondered why she hadn't shot him first, to which Louvois responded he hadn't been Dempsey's target. She told Voight that Dempsey didn't care about him, and knew that she would only have one shot to take out Ross.

Voight struggled to understand why the woman who had been his partner would have killed Ross, wondering if Dempsey had been a Section 31 agent sent to silence the Admiral. This prompted Louvois to search the files on 31 she brought with her, and found that Dempsey's husband had died at the hands of 31 some months before. (TNG novel: Available Light)

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