Jonathan Soto (also known as Robert Soto) was a 24th century Human man, a career Starfleet officer who, by the 2370s decade, had achieved the rank of captain.

Soto served as the commanding officer of the USS Sovereign until the year 2378. While at Tevron II, the Sovereign broke down and had to be escorted by the IKS RanKuf and IKV Trayor. The ships were joined by the USS Dauntless, resulting in the appearance of two very suspicious Romulan warbirds- the IRW Soryak and IRW Chilvas. After a brief skirmish, the Romulans were chased off, and Soto took the Sovereign back to Starbase 12. He then turned command of the Sovereign over to another captain, at which point he moved on to take command of the USS Fitzgerald. (ST video game: Bridge Commander)

The role of Captain Soto was played by voice actor Dennis Cockrum.


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