Jono (born Jeremiah Rossa) was the son of Connor Rossa and Moira Rossa and the grandson of Starfleet Admiral Connaught Rossa.

Rossa was born in the Galen IV colony in 2353. In 2357, during the Galen border conflicts, Connor Rossa and Moira Rossa were killed in a Talarian attack on the colony and Jeremiah was adopted by Endar, a Talarian officer, who raised him as his own son. The USS Enterprise discovered Jeremiah in 2367, who was now known by the Talarian name of Jono. Captain Picard attempted to help "Jono" rediscover his Human identity, although he preferred to remain with the Talarians. (TNG episode: "Suddenly Human")

By 2368, Jono had reached a rank equal to ensign in the Talarian space fleet and was serving aboard the starship Minat Rii. (TNG novel: Sins of Commission)

By 2382, he served as an apprentice to his adoptive father, who was by now the Talarian Ambassador to the United Federation of Planets, and accompanied him to a meeting with Captain Picard to discuss the Talarian Republic joining the Khitomer Accords. (ST - Typhon Pact eBook: The Struggle Within)

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