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Jorge Gonzales was a Human male and a Starfleet Ensign who served on both the USS Dallas and the USS Enterprise-E.


The End of the Dallas[]

When a legion of rampaging Exomorphs targeted and invaded the Dallas, Gonzales was one of the crewmembers who made it onto the nearby Attrexian space station moments before they killed what was left of the crew aboard ship. Searching for supplies on the station, which had since started to be overrun by Exomorphs, Gonzales came upon an unconsious Lieutenant Alexander Munro, leader of the Enterprise's Hazard Team. He assisted Munro in rescuing the Attrexian station's chief engineer, as well as keeping the station online until main power could be restored.

Transfer to the Enterprise-E[]

After the rest of the Dallas crew was evacuated to the Enterprise, Munro requested Gonzales remain aboard the Enterprise as a Hazard Team member. Captain Picard obliged the request, and Gonzales was admitted as a Scout.

Gonzales proved to be an impressive marksman, and a valuable team member. He assisted Munro in the apprehension of Omag the Ferengi aboard the Klingon K7 Starbase. Not long after, Gonzales and Munro were paired yet again on a covert undercover mission to a Romulan outpost.


Gonzales was betrayed by a double agent of a Romulan militant group called the Empty Crown. He was then locked in a cell, and had to watch helplessly as Munro fought the agent alone. When Munro succeeded, he freed Gonzales, and they were just about to be extracted when the leader of the Empty Crown, Suldok, revealed his plans. Suldok ordered them to be taken away, but Gonzales tackled him, forcing him to drop a datapad that revealed the real location of the Exomorph Master Control Facility. Suldock ordered them to be shot, and Gonzales was, but Munro was beamed back to the Enterprise in time. Unfortunately, Gonzales' body could not be recovered. (TNG video game: Elite Force II)



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