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José Iglesias de Mendez was a Human male and noted Starfleet officer during the 23rd century.


As an ensign, Mendez served under Heihachiro Nogura aboard the USS Horizon. (TOS novel: Dwellers in the Crucible)

In 2244, Mendez was a Commander aboard the USS Eisenhower. He commanded it during the Battle of Donatu V alongside the USS Patton's CO, Lt. Commander Matthew Decker.(ST reference: Federation: The First 150 Years)

At one point in his career, he served as captain of the USS Maine. (TOS video game: Judgment Rites)

Mendez held the rank of commodore by the early 2250s. In 2253, he assigned the USS Enterprise to evaluate research being performed by Commander Knoxville on Filos 4. After an unfortunate incident on the planet, he expressed regret that he had not given Captain Pike and Lieutenant Spock more details regarding the mission prior to their departure, though he had been confident they would arrive at the right decision on their own. (ST - Spock: Reflections comic: "Issue 2")

Circa 2264, Fleet Captain Pike checked in with Commodore Mendez after an assassination attempt on the Tellarite Administrator Muso at Babel. He asked Pike to watch Muso as a favor and sent additional security assets to the planetoid (ST comic: "Alien Spotlight: Orions").

In 2267, Mendez was assigned to command Starbase 11, following the departure of Commodore Aaron Stone. One of his many duties aboard the base was to care for the crippled Fleet Captain Christopher Pike.

A few weeks after his arrival, the USS Enterprise arrived at the base, and Captain James T. Kirk told Mendez that the Enterprise was ordered there by him. It was later revealed that the message was falsified by Commander Spock, in order to kidnap Captain Pike and transport him to Talos IV. To aid in his mission, the Talosians created an illusory Commodore Mendez to escort them. (TOS episode: "The Menagerie")

In 2268, Commodore Mendez was called to attend a secret meeting along with Aaron Stone, Phil Waterston, Nick Silver, and Robert Wesley, by Captain Kirk to discuss the activities of Section 31. (TOS - Section 31 novel: Cloak)

In 2270, Admiral Mendez was responsible for declaring Garth of Izar fit to return to duty following his treatment on Elba II, and assigning him to the Enterprise to complete his mission on Antos IV. Following the success of Garth's mission, Mendez also appointed him as Federation Ambassador to Antos IV. (TOS novel: Garth of Izar)

In 2281, Mendez was still the commander of Starbase 11 and held a conversation with Admiral Nogura about the inevitability of Jim Kirk trying to involve himself in the investigation of the kidnapping of Warrantors of Peace. Nogura gave Mendez a plan of action and Mendez was able to keep Kirk occupied. (TOS novel: Dwellers in the Crucible)

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