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This page details a counterpart of Reese Latimer in the Kelvin timeline; for the Reese Latimer in the primary universe see Reese Latimer.

In the Kelvin timeline, Joseph Latimer was a crew-member on the USS Enterprise.


He took over the role of back-up helmsman after Gary Mitchell was killed. When Captain Kirk decided to study Murasaki 312, Latimer was assigned to pilot the shuttlecraft Galileo. Although controls were compromised in the quasar, Latimer was able to pilot the shuttlecraft to Taurus II. Spock assigned Latimer and fellow crewman Gaetano to scout ahead. Latimer was killed by a Taurus II anthropoid not long afterwards. The weapon bore a resemblance to the Folsom point once used in Stone Age North America. Latimer's body was later left behind on Taurus II. (TOS comic: "The Galileo Seven, Part 1" & TOS comic: "The Galileo Seven, Part 2")

The original version Latimer had a first name "Reese" established in ST video game: Starship Creator, while the alternate Latimer was called "Joseph" in the comic. It is somewhat unlikely that another unrelated person with the surname Latimer would take his place in another reality; this counterpart has a different life history and first name due to the timeline changes.

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