See also, Charlie Pike, the father of Christopher Pike in the alternate continuity of the novel Burning Dreams.

Josh Pike was a Human male in the 23rd century, the father of Christopher Pike and an admiral in Starfleet.

Pike lived in a ranch in Mojave where he brought up his son with a lot of tough love, this sometimes harsh upbringing left a somewhat strained relationship between father and son. Pike made his friend Mahirn Chris's godfather. (EV comics: "The Fallen", "The Flat, Gold Forever")

In 2254 Christopher was lured away from his command, the USS Enterprise, when he received a fake transmission from Mahirn informing him Josh was ill. Fortunately Mahirn contacted the Enterprise shortly after and revealed the fakery, having spoken to Josh, in perfect health, earlier that day. (EV comic: "The Flat, Gold Forever")

Not long after the Enterprise visited Earth and Chris took the opportunity to visit Josh, in part to try and balance his emotions after having feared his father was critically ill, but also in the hope Josh might impart some words of wisdom learned from his illustrious career as Chris readied to take the Enterprise into battle with the Chakuun. (EV comic: "The Fallen")

Josh and Chris were never given the opportunity to resolve their rocky relationship before the Early Voyages series was cancelled. According to goodbye message from the series' writers in the final issue one of the stories they had planned would have seen Josh retelling the story of the rocky first contact between the Federation and the Klingons.
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