Joshua Helmes was a Human male who served in Starfleet as commanding officer of Starbase 7 in the late 23rd century.


Helmes and Montgomery Scott attended Starfleet Academy together, where they developed a friendship. Helmes' first command was a routine starship scouting mission. However, he made mistakes that even a cadet should have known to avoid, leaving Starfleet with no choice but to strip him of his command.

He was later transferred to Starbase 7. By 2285, Helmes was the station's commanding officer when Scotty took his shore leave there. Helmes was noted by Scott as being a bad liar after he referenced an episode at the Academy involving a certain girl in his quarters.

Helmes stopped by Gulder

Cadet Gulder restraining Helmes.

Helmes had remained bitter at Starfleet for stripping him of his command, a decision that eventually pushed him to attempt to destroy Starbase 7. After his plans were foiled by Scott, Helmes made a last-ditch effort to try to get rid of him, but Cadet Gulder incapacitated him before he could use his phaser. (TOS comic: "Rest and Recreation!")


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