A journal is a type of written document, they take the form of either personal accounts, akin to a diary, or professional publications issued as periodical literature or magazines.

Personal journals[edit | edit source]

Some Klingons were known to keep journals. Kahlor, son of Kolox maintained a journal while serving under Kor, son of Rynar on the campaign to take Organia. These records were later kept in the chronicles of the House of Kahnrah and were studied by Kahnrah in the year 2293 when he was studying the history of Klingon-Federation relations to help inform his decision on whether or not to support Chancellor Gorkon's proposal to open peace talks with the Federation. (TOS comic: "Against Their Nature")

Malor Ti kept a journal during the last years of the Occupation of Bajor when she lived on Terok Nor. (DS9 comics: "Requiem", "Requiem II")

Professional journals[edit | edit source]

Proctor Corlwyn of Narisia published a Journal (of either Engineering or Technology) and theorized the effects of the transporter; Garamet suspected that Montgomery Scott was one of the Wise Ones because the transport off their shuttlecraft onto the Goddard matched Corlwyn's descriptions. (Star Trek novel: Engines of Destiny)

Periodical literature and magazines[edit | edit source]

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