Julia Bertrand was a Federation Ambassador, a female Metan in 2269.


In 2269, Bertrand was sent to the USS Enterprise to act as a adviser to Captain James T. Kirk in his dealing with the Romulans. She also offered to help in offering medical aid to the survivors of Starbase 14. Following the incident at Starbase 14, Bertrand attended a staff meeting between Kirk and his senior officers. She informed Kirk and his officers that the Federation must avoid conflict with Romulans as well as the Klingons knowing a defense could only be maintained for 4 months. She also told them that the Romulans sere sending a ship under the control of the Tal Shiar. Bertrand and Kirk then met with Commander Koram to disgust the investigation of Starbase 14 attack. Following the meeting, Bertrand told Kirk not to underestimate the Romulans.

Kirk and Bertrand then investigated another attack, this time on the Romulans. They were then arrested by Koram for the unprovoked attack. (TOS - The Chosen comics: "Blood Enemies", "Collision Course!")

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