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'''Julia Paris''' (also known as '''Cinda'') was a [[human]] female living in the [[24th century]].
'''Julia Paris''' (also known as '''Cinda''') was a [[human]] female living in the [[24th century]].

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Julia Paris (also known as Cinda) was a human female living in the 24th century.


She was married to Starfleet Admiral Owen Paris, and had three children with him - Moira, Kathleen and Tom. She was the mother-in-law of Tom's wife, B'Elanna Torres, and grandmother of their child, Miral Paris. (VOY novel: Full Circle)

After the death of her husband in the Borg Collective's invasion of Federation space in the year 2381, Julia attempted to take custody of Miral from Tom and B'Elanna, believing that the dangerous lives of Starfleet officers were not a good environment for a child. By extension, Julia thought that Tom's values were flawed and should not be taught to a child. Julia lost the custody case after several character witnesses, which included John Torres, came to Tom's defense. (VOY novel: Acts of Contrition)

In 2382, Tom recruited his mother to assist him in providing care for a group of displaced ex-Borg refugees who were provided protection by the Tamarian Embassy. Julia was later sent by Tom to retrieve Seven of Nine who was on the run from Federation authorities and was staying with Gretchen Janeway, Admiral Kathryn Janeway's mother. (VOY novel: Atonement)

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