This character is a member of the Stiles family.

Julia Stiles was a human female and an Earth Starfleet officer during the Earth-Romulan War in the mid-22nd century. She was the member of the famous Stiles family.


By October 2155, Stiles was serving aboard the USS Yeager with the rank of commander. The Yeager was overseeing the installation and maintenance of the early warning system at Deneva when it was attacked. After Captain Gerhard and the rest of the bridge crew was killed in the initial assault on Yeager, Stiles took command of the ship. After she was unable to get any of the ship's systems back online, all she could do was to helplessly watch as one of the Romulan ships blows up Yeager's escape pods. Shortly thereafter the hull breached at the bridge and the vacuume sucked out Stiles to space killing her. (ENT novel: Beneath the Raptor's Wing)



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