Julian Psilakis was a male human Starfleet officer in the late-24th century.

In May 2381, Lieutenant Psilakis served as third officer and gamma shift commander of the USS Quirinal, a Vesta-class starship assigned to Project Full Circle, a fleet tasked with exploration of the Delta Quadrant.

A few weeks later, Psilakis was in command of the Quirinal when 347 Children of the Storm vessels suddenly appeared in close proximity. He called Captain Regina Farkas to the bridge and also reported to her of the arrival of the USS Demeter a few hours earlier. Although his shift was over, he was given permission by Farkas to remain on the bridge and observe. After Farkas left for sickbay, the Children destroyed the USS Planck causing Psilakis to feel physically sick. From sickbay, Farkas ordered the Quirinal to open fire on the Children but none of the bridge crew acknowledged her order and they ignored Psilakis, too. He attempted to fire but was attacked by the crew who had been possessed by the Children, including the first officer, Commander Malcolm Roach. He managed to fight all eight of them off and stun them with his phaser, regaining control of the bridge. Psilakis and Lieutenant Narv then coordinated a defence against the Children that had boarded the ship, giving time for Lieutenant junior grade Phinnegan Bryce to bring the quantum slipstream drive online which allowed the Quirinal to escape.

However, due to the state of the ship and the emergency activation of the slipstream drive, the Quirinal crash-landed on an M Class planet thousands of light-years away. As Farkas had been severely injured when the Children of the Storm boarded the ship, and Commander Roach and Lieutenant Gregor Denisov were contained due to being possessed by the Children, Psilakis assumed command of Quirinal until Voyager and the USS Achilles arrived. (VOY novel: Children of the Storm)

In September of the same year, Psilakis and Roach oversaw the evacuation of personnel from the surrounding areas of the part of Quirinal that had been intersected by a fragment of the Omega Continuum. He and the rest of the crew in the forward part of the ship were beamed to safety aboard the USS Achilles before the self destruct sequence was activated. (VOY novel: The Eternal Tide)

Psilakis is listed as a lieutenant commander in the appendix of Children of the Storm, but is almost always referred to as Lieutenant within the novel. Captain Farkas calls him Commander only once when she agrees to let him stay on the bridge after the Children of the Storm first appear.

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