Julin Hyrax the Brave was a Grey Orion who lived in the Orion colony of Bema.

In October 7822 BCE (reference stardate -98/2210), the Bema revolt occurred, in which over 50,000 Green Orion and lower-class Ruddy Orion slaves protested against their working conditions and began an uprising that demanded the freedom of all Orion slaves everywhere and the liberation of their homeworld.

Julin volunteered the services of himself and his fellow Greys to the Magistrate of Bema to help stop the revolt. When the Magistrate refused in his distrust of all Orions, Julin went ahead anyway, and lead his force of 3000 unarmed Greys against the revolutionary army and demanded their surrender. Only 22 survived the massacre.

Julin was revered as a martyr to a better future and the event marked an apparent change in Orion behavior, as seen by the signatories of the Treaty of Kammzdast, with not another revolt for 5700 years. This Era of Good Feeling was a period in which the Orions worked hard to build themselves an utterly false reputation as loyal, honest and trustworthy slaves.

As Grey Orions, Julin's role and the sacrifice of his people would likely have been erased from Orion history or rewritten in some way during the Reverse. (FASA RPG module: The Orions: Book of Deep Knowledge)

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