For the primary universe counterpart, see Julius Caesar.
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In the mirror universe, Julius Caesar was a Terran dictator who lived on Earth during the 2nd and 1st centuries BC. A military and political leader in Rome, he played a central role in changing the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire.

In 2291, Emperor Spock demanded the resignation of Curzon Dax, the Terran Empire's ambassador to the Klingon Empire, and ordered him to go into seclusion as part of Memory Omega on Regula 1. Curzon confessed that he was aware that Spock was responsible for the extermination of all other joined Trill while Spock revealed to Curzon that he spared his life as a reminder of what he had done and what he had become.

Before departing, Curzon reminded the Emperor of the example of Julius Caesar. When he returned to Rome from his wars of conquest, he kept a slave at his back to whisper in his ear, Sic transit gloria mundi: "Thus passes the glory of this world." Spock told Curzon that he was aware of the lessons of history and that his life would forever be the whisper in his ear. (TOS - Mirror Universe novel: The Sorrows of Empire)

All indications are that the mirror Caesar's life history is identical to that of his primary universe counterpart.
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