Julius Merrill (aka "Falcon") was a male Human who achieved great fame as a Starfleet officer in the early 23rd century.

He was born in the 2170s, and in a career that reached into the 2260s, commanded five starships, and headed two diplomatic missions. Circa 2237, Merrill visited an oceanic world where he encountered a situation similar to that the USS Enterprise found on Gamma Trianguli VI in 2267. Merrill's early exploits were read by both James T. Kirk and Leonard McCoy during their boyhoods.

As of late 2267, he held the rank of Commodore, and was assigned as commanding officer of Deep Space Station M-33, which had been established, in part, to study the Ifukube Veil in orbit of Veletus V. When the significance of the veil to Tholian society was discovered, Merrill volunteered to mediate between the Tholian Assembly and the group called Outsiders, or Children of the Lost Ones.

Merrill's favorite alcoholic beverage was Altairian rice wine. He also enjoyed smoking Deltan cigars, a rare habit among 23rd century humans. (TOS short story: "Fracture")

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