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A jungle was a very dense forest, usually located in hot planetary climates.

History and specifics[]

Malok made his home in a jungle on the planet Pollux II. (TOS comic: "The Brain Shockers")

A stolen dilithium shipment was buried in a jungle on Taos IV. (TOS comic: "The Flight of the Buccaneer")

The rebel forces against the monarchy of Emperor Bavoda on the planet Fayo hid in the jungles surrounding the capital city. (TOS comic: "Prince Traitor")

The telekinetic Garda led by Netuya on Bira III built cities containing 12-story-tall Mayan-like stepped pyramids. They lived in jungles to avoid attacks from Stoyak. The lion-like horned mossek was their most feared jungle predator. (TOS comic: "A World Against Itself")

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